Wasteland 3 will be released on May 18, 2020 for PC and consoles

Wasteland 3, the turn-based role playing game from inXile Entertainment, will be released on May 18 next year. The game will be released for Windows, Linux, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The makers have also released a new trailer.

Wasteland 3 is set in a post-apocalyptic setting in Colorado. The new trailer, titled 1987, shows more of that environment, showing gameplay of the tactical RPG in which players set out with a squad of four characters.

The release date was announced during Microsoft’s XO19 event. Microsoft acquired studio inXile a year ago. The game will be available immediately upon release via the Xbox Game Pass subscription, for both PC and Xbox One. Even before the acquisition by Microsoft, inXile had already announced versions for Linux and the PlayStation 4. They come out as promised.

Wasteland 3 has a co-op mode where players can complete missions together. Each player does this with their own group of characters. It is possible to play simultaneously or asynchronously. Also new in the third Wasteland game are vehicles.

InXile Entertainment announced Wasteland 3 in 2016. The relatively small studio then raised money through crowdfunding platform Fig to make the game. Two years earlier, the studio had released Wasteland 2. That game was a sequel to the 1988 classic Wasteland and was funded through a Kickstarter campaign.