Volkswagen introduces ID.5 electric SUV with a range of 520km

Volkswagen introduces the ID.5, a fully electrically powered SUV with a sloping roofline, on the basis of which the model is also called ‘suv coupé’. The car has a specified range of up to 520km.

According to several media, such as Autoweek, the Volkswagen ID.5 will have a battery with a capacity of 77 kWh. That would be the only option. This would allow a range of up to 520km on the basis of the European WLTP standard.

There is more variety in the drive, such as rear-wheel or four-wheel drive. There are also three options for the electric motors; the Pro version gets 128kW, the Pro Performance 150kW and the power of the GTX version is 220kW. This most expensive version is four-wheel drive and has a slightly lower range of 480 km.

Charging is done with a home charger based on alternating current with a maximum of 11 kW. If you opt for a fast charger and direct current, the maximum charging power is 135 kW. With the latter power, it would take 29 minutes to charge the battery from five to eighty percent.

Except for the slightly different, more aerodynamic lines, the ID.5 is very similar to the ID.4. That is the already existing suv in the ID series from Volkswagen. Furthermore, especially the ID.3 from this family of fully electrically powered cars is known. This is a hatchback that Volkswagen released in the summer of last year.

The ID.5 should be available in Europe sometime next year, for as yet unknown prices. Autoweek states on the basis of a source that the ID.5 will be about 1500 euros more expensive than a comparable ID.4. That existing SUV has prices that start at almost 40,000 euros.