VMware launches service for virtualization Windows programs on Chromebooks

VMware comes with a payment service to run Windows programs on Chromebooks. The service was created in collaboration with Google and the Windows applications run in a browser in which Windows is virtualized.

The service is part of other VMware virtualization packages and can be used immediately from Wednesday, the company says. The Windows applications run via VMware’s Blast protocol for HTML5 and users can access their applications and data remotely.

VMware and Google say they will offer the service together, although it is only available to VMware customers. Users can use not only individual applications, but also the entire desktop via VMware’s Horizon platform.

Sales of laptops with Chrome OS have increased in recent months thanks to the release of new models and the fact that the laptops are often cheaper than comparable models with Windows. The basic idea of ​​Chrome OS is that the user only uses web services; the whole operating system is basically a browser.

The fact that VMware was going to virtualize applications on Chrome OS has been known since the start of sales of Chromebooks in 2011.