Microsoft is considering building Android app support into Windows Phone

Microsoft is considering building Android app support into Windows Phone and Windows. That reports tech site The Verge. The software giant is said to be having an internal discussion, making it unclear whether it will happen.

If Microsoft will support Android apps in Windows Phone and Windows, it will likely be through a third-party service such as BlueStacks and Android apps will appear in the Windows Store, Microsoft insider Tom Warren writes to The Verge, citing on multiple sources.

Supporters within Microsoft would point out that Microsoft needs the Android apps to make its Windows and Windows Phone platforms attractive to consumers, while opponents believe the move will mark the beginning of the end for Microsoft’s operating systems. It is unclear when Microsoft will make a decision.

It is unknown why information about this discussion is now coming out: it often happens during an internal discussion that one of the parties wants to get their hands on a convincing argument through polling public opinion. Thus, by leaking the information, it is possible to find out what people think of the plan without officially confirming that it exists.

The fact that the information was deliberately released can be read between the lines in the article: while BlueStacks has been asked for an official response, The Verge has not asked for comment from Microsoft. The Verge normally always asks for a response from Microsoft when making such rumours. If Microsoft makes the step, according to the tech site, that will only be from Windows 9 when it comes out next year.