Vivaldi 6.0 introduces additional ways of managing tabs with Workspaces

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Browser Vivaldi introduced a new way to manage tabs in version 6.0. In addition to the already existing ways to use tabs in groups and with Tab Tiling, there are now Workspaces to store groups of tabs.

The intention is that this way users can keep open tabs belonging to a single theme grouped open without it being visible on the tab bar, says the company behind the browser. If the option is on, it is located in the top left next to the tab bar. Switching can be done via the bar, with a mouse gesture or a keyboard shortcut.

The Workspaces share cookies and so it is probably not useful, for example, to log into different accounts with the same service. However, users can give the Workspaces their own theme to distinguish them from each other. A Workspace can only be open in one browser window at a time. In addition to Workspaces, version 6.0 also has support for customizable icons for Back and Forward, for example, Vivaldi says. The new browser is available immediately.

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