View your holiday destination virtually

Scanning the internet for images of holiday destinations is something we all do. Often the are the perfect images with a clear blue sky and a sunny filter over it. It can be difficult to make an impression of the location.

Kayak VR an app for Google Daydream, lets you view holiday destinations before you book. You can ‘test’ a city from home in order to choose a holiday destination. So you can already see what you can see if you are really in that city or in that place.

Kayak VR app

In the app you can watch 360 degrees with an audio tour. You can not only see local attractions, but also hotels. There is also another option to discover the location with the app. The sound then adapts based on what you look at in the app.

In addition to exploring locations, you also get travel tips and trends about the area in question. On the screen you see what you are looking at and read your details about this place.

It is Kayak’s first VR application. The app is intended for preliminary research, but it does not replace the trip itself. A virtual travel experience can not compete with the real experience, where you see, experience, feel, smell and taste the destination.

The app starts on Google Play with two destinations: Venice and Kathmandu. If the app proves successful, more destinations will follow. Kayak has more apps, including the group travel planner, Trip Huddle and Desktop Escape, an app that shows destinations with photos.