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student makes airbag case for your smartphone

Broken phone screens are unfortunately a normal part of our daily lives. Who has not yet dropped his smartphone from his hands, resulting in a broken screen? German student Philip Frenzel did that too and that inspired him to come up with the AD Case. That is a kind of airbag for your smartphone in the form of a case.

That case is special: if it registers that your smartphone is in free fall (by reading out the accelerometer), four transmitting pins automatically pop out of the four corners. Those pins are on both the front and back and that ensures that it must be very weird running (or yes, fall) your smartphone wants damage. After the ‘airbag’ is unfolded and your smartphone (and your heart) are back to normal, you can fold back the pins and you just have a case around your phone. It does not win a beauty prize at the moment, but it is effective!

Shut up and take my money

If this seems completely brilliant, you have seen that well. It is also not surprising that Fenzel has won the Mechatronik Preis 2018 for his invention. Of course he is already busy with his freshly set up startup to bring the AD Case on the market as quickly as possible. He has already applied for a patent on the mechanism, but as always with this kind of thing, the question is whether he will be quick enough to be ahead of the Chinese who are copying this kind of mechanical cleverness in a weekend and start selling on Ali next week. Express.
That aside it is a very cool idea. Frenzel would plan to put the case on the market via Kickstarter and if the price is a bit to do this will probably be a great success. And rightly so: if you still have a case to do on your phone, take one where you are really sure that nothing goes wrong when it falls.

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