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Swiping your kitchen style you discover at Mandemakers

The kitchen is the holy domain of mothers, hobby cooks and kitchen princes. The place where miracles can be done, from a perfectly soft boiled egg to a three-course dinner. A kitchen may certainly be more than functional: a nice kitchen will make everyone happy, whether or not you can cook well. But a nice kitchen is different for everyone. Do you know what your taste is in terms of kitchens, how exactly your dream kitchen looks like? Mandemakers has now developed a tool that allows you to discover your personal kitchen style while you are already swiping. So the road to your dream kitchen is shorter than you think!

Swipe, match and create!

Kitchens come in many different styles, shapes, colors and sizes. The possibilities are almost endless. But how do you find out what you really like and what exactly fits you.

With this new tool you get to see some beautiful designs and styles of different kitchens. By indicating what you like and dislikes, you create a moodboard for yourself with exactly your taste. And that is what you are going to do in a swishing way. But instead of swapping nice ladies / or gentlemen to the left and right you do that now with kitchens. Based on your taste you will receive a personalized moodboard from Mandemakers. And so you know how your next kitchen will look like. You should of course share it with the partner / family to see if you have the same taste.

How it works:

This is how you quickly get started:

  • 1. Surf on your smartphone or laptop to:
  • 2. Start swiping. You can swipe left or right à la Tinder or click on the cross / heart.
  • 3. After you have received about 20 photos, fill in your name and e-mail address to receive your own moodboard.
  • 4. You will receive your personal moodboard by email so that you can easily share it with your partner / friends / family to discover if you have the same taste.
  • 5. And also to a new kitchen, you can plan an appointment based on your moodboard to get a kitchen in style that suits you completely!

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