Vector Watch smart watches promise 30 days battery life

Vector Watch comes with two smartwatches with a battery life of about 30 days. The models resemble conventional watches and have support for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. They should be available sometime in the summer.

The company has announced its new smartwatches on its website. Two models will be released: one with a round screen and one with a rectangular screen. The most striking thing about the smartwatches is that a battery life of 30 days is claimed. It is not known what use this is for; but it is clear that the smartwatches have a monochrome screen, which should save the battery. The screen is always on.

Furthermore, Vector Watch did not yet know which software the watches run on. There is support for pairing with a smartphone on iOS, Android or Windows Phone. Messages that arrive on a smartphone can be displayed on the watch, just like agenda items and news messages via RSS. In marketing, Vector Watch mainly focuses on the housing, which should feel luxurious.

Sometime around summer, Vector Watch’s two smartwatches should be available. It is already possible to place a preorder on the company’s site. For the variant with a round screen, called Luna, you have to pay 399 euros. The version with a rectangular screen, called Meridian, costs 229 euros.