Valve makes Left 4 Dead available uncensored in Germany after 11 years

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Germany is getting the uncensored version of the game eleven years after the original release of Left 4 Dead 2. Publisher Valve has announced via Steam that the German authorities have authorized the sale of the full version, including blood.

Anyone in Germany who has already purchased the game through Steam does not need to purchase Left 4 Dead 2 again. The developer reports that a free update is available, making the uncensored version playable.

It happens more often that games are censored in Germany when a lot of blood is shown. This was also true for Left 4 Dead 2 when the game came out in 2009. Blood in the game was also censored in Australia. In 2014, Valve managed to sell the game with a bloody update via Steam in Australia. Now the time has come for Germany as well.

There was not a drop of blood in the censored version of the game. In addition, players also couldn’t chop off zombies’ limbs or set them on fire. In Germany, the game also got a separate cover, on which the zombies had no major visible injuries.

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