Valve is filing for a trademark for ‘CS2’, presumably Counter-Strike 2

Valve has applied for a trademark for the term ‘CS2’. In recent weeks, more signals have been circulating that Valve is working on Counter-Strike 2, or at least Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in the Source 2 engine, and this is one of the signals from Valve itself.

Valve has applied for trademarks in the US Patent & Trademark Office for ‘CS2’ two forms. One as a gaming software and one as a gaming service. The requests were discovers by Twitter user @aquaismissing. There is currently no official confirmation or announcement from Valve itself about a new installment in the popular multiplayer shooter series.

In recent weeks, several reports have been circulating about Counter-Strike 2. A game journalist came up with the message that the game will arrive this month based on several of his sources. In addition, there are references to CS2 in an Nvidia driver and in the Steam backend.

It’s not entirely clear if this would be a completely new game or the same content in a new version of Valve’s Source engine. Given the existing large market for leagues and skins in CS:GO, there is a case for as much interoptability as possible between existing and new versions of Counter-Strike.