US retailer is victim of credit card robbery

Once again, credit card information from customers has been stolen from a major American chain. This time it concerns the Michaels store chain. The company has not yet announced numbers, but according to security researcher Brian Krebs, hundreds of fraud cases have already been reported.

Michaels has stated in a press release that it has launched an investigation into the suspected credit card fraud together with the police and outside security experts. Fraudulent transactions have been reported. The company has not yet confirmed definitively that customers of the chain store could be victims of credit card fraud, but advises them to check their bank accounts carefully. Michaels refers to recent credit card fraud cases.

Security researcher Brian Krebs, who previously reported on similar fraud cases at the retail chains Target and Neiman Marcus, said he learned from sources at payment processors that hundreds of suspicious transactions had taken place in Michaels’ stores in recent weeks. The retail chain has more than 1,250 locations in the United States.

Michaels has been a victim of credit card fraud before. In May 2011, the company announced that 84 payment terminals had been tampered with by criminals. More than 94,000 credit card details were allegedly stolen.