Tales of Phantasia comes as a free to play title for iOS

Namco Bandai has released its snes-rpg Tales of Phantasia for iOS. The game is free to play; Namco Bandai hopes to monetize in-game transactions. It is not known whether there will also be an Android version.

Gamers can pay in-game money for items and boosts, Joystiq writes. According to the game site, Namco Bandai has increased the difficulty of the game to encourage players to purchase the upgrades, the tech site says. The storyline and battle system have remained intact. In the Japanese RPG, the player has to take up the sword against a black magician.

The game is currently only available for iOS. Of the iPhone, only the 4S and newer are supported. It is not clear which iPad models are supported; however, support for older models seems to be absent. It is unknown if the games will also be ported to Android.