US company wants to sell working hoverboards

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The American company Hendo has demonstrated a working hoverboard. The company has also started a fundraiser to make ten floating skateboards, which can be purchased for $10,000. The Hendo Hoverboard works with electromagnets.

The Hendo Hoverboard contains four disc-shaped Hover Engines that create a magnetic field sufficient to make the board hover a few inches above a surface. Requires that the Hendo be set on non-magnetic metals; Hendo, for example, used copper plates in the demonstrations.

Those who support the project with 349 dollars, converted 272 euros, or more, will receive the Whitebox: a Hover Engine to experiment with. Delivery should start in July 2015. If you want a complete Hendo Hoverboard, you have to support the project with 10,000 dollars or more, converted 7800 euros. Delivery of the floating skateboard should start in October.

Hendo was founded in 2012 by an American couple whose husband is an architect who eventually wants to use technology to make entire buildings float. Demonstrations to American media such as The New York Times, Engadget and Re/code show that the Hendo Hoverboard does not work as flawlessly as Marty McFly’s board in Back to the Future II.

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