Analyst: traffic to ChatGPT is declining

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Chatbot ChatGPT from OpenAI received eleven percent fewer visitors in June than in May, says Bank of America analyst Justin Post. This would be the first time that visits to the chatbot have declined month on month.

Bing: interest in chatbots is not decreasing

According to CNBC, Post estimates that ChatGPT had approximately 51 million unique visitors in June, down eleven percent from the previous month. Post does not mention a cause for the decline, but notes that it appears that ChatGPT will not become a formidable competitor for the Google search engine, which is estimated to have fifty times as many visitors, for the time being. Similarweb also reported a decrease in visitors to ChatGPT.

The number of downloads of the ChatGPT and Bing apps fell by 38 percent in both cases in June, Post estimates. This was especially expected with ChatGPT, because the app was released in May and is only available for iOS. OpenAI has not commented on the analyst’s figures.

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