United Kingdom mandatory charging point for electric cars in new construction

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From 2022, new homes, offices and supermarkets in the United Kingdom must be equipped with charging points for electric vehicles. That has been announced by the government. The rule also applies to buildings undergoing large-scale renovation.

The new rules will see some 145,000 new charge points added to the UK each year, in addition to the ‘more than 250,000 available charge points’ at homes and workplaces that the government has already said it has supported. The government is announcing the measures in the run-up to the announced ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030.

Also for large-scale renovations of buildings with more than ten parking spaces, it will be mandatory to install charging points for electric vehicles. British Prime Minister Johnson announced the rules in a speech. More details about the specific legislation, for example how many charging points must be made available, is not yet known. Those kinds of details will follow later.

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