Ubisoft gives For Honor dedicated servers

Ubisoft has announced that users of the multiplayer version of For Honor will be able to play via dedicated Ubisoft servers. This should improve the playing experience by, among other things, offering more stability.

Dedicated servers is one of the innovations for For Honor that Ubisoft outlined on its blog. Since the game’s release, players have been asking for dedicated servers to be set up, eliminating the need to play through peer-to-peer connections. Ubisoft is now going to respond to that, and hopes to improve the multiplayer experience; According to the publisher, For Honor has been experiencing a lot of stability and connectivity issues in recent times.

Ubisoft doesn’t make dedicated servers available right away; it will take some time for the migration to be completed, with Ubisoft not providing a deadline. In the meantime, developers are still working to improve the stability of the multiplayer experience.

In the meantime, other updates for For Honor are also being worked on. Ubisoft has listed the improvements in what it calls “seasons.” In the period between August and November, the Duel Tournament feature will be introduced, there will be two new heroes and two new maps. After November, when Ubisoft is talking about season 4, a 4×4 pvp mode should be available, among other things.