Twitter removes inactive accounts and makes usernames available

Twitter will start removing inactive accounts in December. These are accounts of users who have not logged in for months. If an account is permanently deleted due to long inactivity, the username will eventually become available to others.

Twitter will send emails to inactive users asking them to log in to their accounts before December 11. reports Dave Lee of the BBC. If this does not happen, the account can be closed and the username will be released again. Twitter will also only send emails to accounts whose users have not logged in for six months. Users who have logged in within the last six months do not run the risk of their account being deleted.

The company behind the messaging platform, through a spokesperson, told The Verge that it is cleaning up its inactive accounts to “present more accurate, reliable information that people on Twitter can trust.” Part of this is an encouragement for users to actively log in and use Twitter after registering an account, the spokesperson said. policy for inactive accounts refers.

It is not yet clear when the usernames of deleted accounts will actually become available again for other users. According to the spokesperson, the removal process takes place over many months and not in a single day. The released usernames will therefore often not be immediately claimable from December 12.

Twitter says it is still considering how to act on a deceased user’s account. The company says it may enable some form of remembrance, which could mean that the deletion process won’t immediately apply to accounts of deceased users.