Twitter Blue subscription costs $ 2.99 per month, according to dataminer

The well-known data miner Jane Manchun Wong has found information about a paid subscription with Twitter. Twitter Blue offers one for $ 2.99 per month undo tweetfeature, folders for bookmarks and possibly a subscription to the Scroll service.

The Scroll service comes from the company of the same name at the beginning of this month taken over is by Twitter. Subscribers to that service get an ad-free experience on participating websites, and in return, a portion of the membership fee goes to those sites. This service would be integrated with Twitter and become part of a paid subscription, the announcement says.

According to Wong there will be several price levels, but it is not clear whether $ 2.99 is the starting price. The undo sendfeature includes a timer that runs five to thirty seconds after a tweet is posted. During that time, the tweet can still be undone. Wong published that finding in parts in March and April. The feature to delete a tweet after posting is free.

Twitter discussed the possibility of paid subscriptions last year, at the time of a decline in sales. In a earnings call Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey told investors that the company has a “very high bar” for when it would ask consumers to pay for parts of Twitter. Dorsey said that a possible subscription service should ‘complement’, not replace, current advertising revenue.

Other Twitter projects that involve payment include Super Follows and the Tip Jar. Only the latter is available, and then only with a select group of users, but anyone can tip those pots.