Tumblr appeared to contain child pornography in the audit

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During an audit, child pornography was found on the blog platform Tumblr. The company itself has announced this. It is child pornography that has not been found online before. The find is the reason Apple has removed the Tumblr app from the iOS App Store.

The child pornography has been removed, says the blog platform in a statement. The company does not care about what kind of material it is and what happened to the users who put it on Tumblr. The material was not in databases of organizations like the American National Center for Missing and Abused Children, according to the company.

The child pornography came up during a regular audit of things that appeared on Tumblr. Because it is not in the child pornography databases, it did not come up during normal scans. It is unclear whether it is an internal audit or one of an external company.

Apple has removed the Tumblr app from the App Store as a result of the discovery. That happened around the weekend, but it was rather unclear why it came. Now that the material has been removed, the iPhone maker will probably re-enable Tumblr in his download store. Tumblr was a few years from Yahoo and is now part of Oath.

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