TP Vision will launch Philips mini LED TV with renewed Ambilight system in October

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TP Vision has introduced a new LCD TV model with mini LED backlight. This PML9507 comes in three different sizes and, like the manufacturer’s new OLED TVs, offers a finer implementation of Ambilight.

TP Vision brings a 55″, 65″ and a 75″ version of the PML9507. The manufacturer does not clarify how many individually dimmable zones the backlight has, but it is clear that it is a VA panel that has a peak brightness of 1500cd/ m².The panel goes up to 120Hz and has a 4k resolution.

Like the OLED+937 and OLED+907, this mini LED model features the new Ambilight Next Generation system. The LEDs on the back of the television are no longer divided into groups, but each LED present can be controlled individually. This should lead, among other things, to a better resemblance between what is projected on the wall and the color reproduction of the content on the television screen. It is a three-way system. In addition, the Aurora screen filling function is also present, in which preloaded images are shown in combination with Ambilight.

The PML9507 has more similarities with the mentioned OLED models, such as the sixth generation of the P5 image processor, the presence of a game settings bar and FreeSync Premium compatibility. This television cannot yet combine the 4k resolution with 120Hz and VRR in all picture modes via HDMI; this is only possible in monitor mode.

The new mini LED TV features a 70W 2.1 sound system. This system can serve as the center channel of a wider sound setup, creating a surround experience through Play-Fi-connected satellite speakers such as the Philips Fidelio FS1. The PML9507 gets a ‘motion-activated silver remote with the luxurious Muirhead leather back’.

The Philips PML9507 will be released in October in the aforementioned three sizes for suggested retail prices of 1499, 1999 and 2799 euros.

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