TP Vision shows Philips OLED TVs with integrated soundbars and high brightness

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TP Vision will release two new OLED televisions in the coming month, namely the new top model OLED+937 and the OLED+907 positioned slightly below. Both models feature integrated Bowers & Wilkins sound systems and achieve high clarity on paper.

According to TP Vision Like its predecessor, the OLED+936, the OLED+937 contains a sound module that also serves as a foot. The new version would be improved and, for example, combine side-firing speakers with a 5.1.2 surround experience and a power of 95W. This model is available in 65 and 77 inches, although only the 65-inch version will have the OLED EX panel at its disposal. This should lead to a peak brightness of 1300cd/m². For OLED TVs based on LG’s white OLED technology Display is a relatively high brightness.For this model specifically, TP Vision mentions a new remote control with silver finish, a leather-wrapped back and motion-controlled backlighting.

Philips OLED+937

In addition, the manufacturer comes with the Philips OLED+907. This is positioned slightly below the OLED+937 and has as the biggest difference a soundbar that is more integrated in the design of the television housing, directly below the panel. This is also a Bowers & Wilkins sound system, although this is a 3.1 system with a power of 80W. This model will be available in 48, 55 and 65 inches. It seems that only the 55″ and 65″ version will have the EX panel, because TP Vision only talks about 1300cd/m². The manufacturer also mentions the presence of a heat sink, which should contribute to achieving this high brightness.

Both televisions have the sixth generation of the P5 processor; only the 48″ version of the 907 has to do without this latest chip. In addition to a number of AI functions, this processor enables an ‘advanced HDR feature’ in which the HDR performance is optimized by the tone mapping of the content frame to frame to take place, rather than based on a scene-to-scene average.

It is not clear how many HDMI 2.1 connections the TVs have. A full-fledged 4k120 experience still doesn’t seem quite possible. With the 907, the manufacturer reports that 4k120 with a variable refresh rate can only be done in full resolution if the monitor mode is selected. This probably also applies to the 937. It is also unclear whether 4k120 including the reproduction of Dolby Vision is possible.

Philips OLED+907

The Ambilight feature has been improved on both models. The LEDs on the back of the television are no longer divided into groups, but each LED present can be controlled individually. This should lead, among other things, to a better resemblance between what is projected on the wall and the colors and the image on the television screen. The 937 has four-sided Ambilight, while the 907 is a bit more traditional in that regard due to the lack of LEDs on the bottom.

The Philips OLED+937 will be available in September in 65 and 77 inches for a suggested retail price of 3499 and 4799 euros respectively. The OLED+907 will be released in the same month; the 48″, 55″ and 65″ copy will have a suggested retail price of EUR 1699, 1999 and 2999 respectively.

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