Total War: Three Kingdoms has been delayed until Spring 2019

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The Creative Assembly has announced that Total War: Three Kingdoms will be released in Spring 2019, while it was originally set to be released in Fall 2018. The game takes place in the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD. ch. and the Chinese generals may or may not be supernaturally strong on the battlefield.

Total War: Three Kingdoms is about the vicissitudes and adventures of several Chinese warlords, who try to unite China in the second and third centuries AD. The trailer, released by Sega and the Creative Assembly, centers on one of the warlords, General Cao Cao.

In the game, these important generals like Cao Cao are very strong, fighting like the heroes from Luo Guanzhong’s classic fourteenth-century book, Novel of the History of the Three Kingdoms. That means they can hold their own on the battlefield as a single unit against hundreds of other opponents and thus strongly influence battles single-handedly, much like Total War: Warhammer and Warhammer II.

The Creative Assembly says that Total War: Three Kingdoms is based on a romanticized version of history from the book Romance of the Three Kingdoms. However, players who prefer a higher degree of realism can opt for a Classic Mode, in which the generals are no longer as strong and only act as a normal unit with bodyguards, as is the case for example in the various Total War titles Rome and Medieval .

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