Today is World Backup Day

Today is World Backup Day, the day to remind you how important backups are. We know that for many this is not really a daily expense, but your computer will crash or get worse. What do you do if you do not have a good backup. To prevent this misery, it is better to always make sure that you back up all your data that you would rather not lose.

Below you will find a number of tips with which you can back up your most important data in a simple and efficient way.
1. Choose the correct backup system
If you want to make a backup using an external hard drive depends on the storage capacity of how much you want on it and on what kind of computer you work for:

  • Capacity: external hard disks from 1 TB to 10 TB. On a disk of 1 TB you can store more than 30,000 photos of 3 MB.
  • Compatibility: not every external hard drive will fit on any computer. Do you work on Mac or on Windows, or does your computer have a USB 3.0 or a USB-C port? Check this in advance.
  • Speed: if you want to regularly back up large files (such as videos) or work with a Mac, especially choose a faster disk with Thunderbolt (faster USB-C) .
  • Hub functionality: does your laptop have few ports? Then choose a disk with an integrated USB hub and / or card reader to immediately make a backup of your mobile devices or memory cards.
2. Save your files in several places
In three different places, that sounds exaggerated but it is not. Just keeping your photos on your smartphone is a bad idea anyway. Making a copy on your laptop is already a start, but it can also fail or be stolen. So it’s best to make a third copy, on an external hard drive or in the cloud. There are many possibilities for the latter. Think for example of Google Drive and Dropbox.
3. Plan your backups
There are many resources you can use to plan your backups. For example, suppliers of external drives often provide free software that allows you to plan your backups and automatically take place. Mac users can also use the TimeMachine software with both Seagate and LaCie disks. You can also choose to always work from the cloud. If you have all data as an example in Google Drive, you do not have to really think about it anymore.
4. Disconnect your backup from your computer
If you have made a backup, disconnect your external hard drive from your computer. Suppose your computer gets infected with a virus, then you are at least already certain that your data on your drive is safe. And if there is a burglary and they take your laptop with you, you have at least somewhere backed up.
5. Start now!
Last but not least: do not delay your backup, start today. It is too simple and at the same time too important not to do it. And do not forget your files on your smartphone! # HappyWorldBackupDay

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