Threema releases version chat app that does not contain code from Google

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Threema has released a new version of its encrypted chat app. The version, called Threema Libre, doesn’t use Google’s software library or code, the developer says. The app is available for Android devices through the F-Droid app store.

At least Android 5.0 is required to use the app. Threema Libre does not use “Google’s or third-party software library or code,” the Swiss developer wrote on Wednesday. The company enters in the announcement and the faq didn’t go into detail about how the new version of his chat app works exactly. Threema does refer to the public code of the app, in which one can “verify that the app does not leak data to Google”.

It is possible to use Threema Libre in addition to the Threema Shop or Google Play version on the same device. If the user wants to switch to Threema Libre from another version, Threema recommends making a backup in the current version of the chat app.

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