This tower has the first revolving glass floor in the world!

Do you find it scary to stand on a kitchen staircase? Then when you read this blog you will get all the jitters. In the Space Needl, a tower in Seattle, they have placed a glass floor . He is not only of glass, but also turns around.

Glass floor

People in the Space Needl can look down at 150 meters through the glass floor. The glass floor would be very safe. Multiple layers of glass are mixed with a strong intermediate layer. This makes the floor five times stronger than the security code requires. Another extra reassurance is that the Seattle army and all the opponents they encounter in a season could stand on the glass floor without causing a tiny crack in the glass.


With 48 powerful motors, 48 ​​wheels are driven, turning the 37-tonne glass. The floor can rotate completely once at its fastest within 20 minutes and at its slowest 90 minutes. You will probably not get dizzy. Unless you have fear of heights …

If the glass floor does not suit you, you can also try the seats at the edges of the tower. The windows run diagonally upwards, towards the outside. If you sit there on a bench, it looks like you’re in the air.

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