This robot allows you to adopt a good attitude

Adopt a good attitude, that is only a tricky story. Often you automatically go ‘wrong’ or sit. There is unfortunately no one who tells you all day long that you have to pay attention to your attitude. Or is it?

Robot Giiro

The new robot Giiro helps you with this. It was made by the company Gaze Lab and is currently on Kickstarter. This little robot, which is similar to the Minions from Despicable Me looks at your posture when you are standing. Giiro is especially applicable for desks that you are standing in rather than sitting.

Good posture at your desk

It works like this. The Giiromat is in front of the desk. This mat feels whether you stand upright and whether your weight is evenly distributed. The mat is connected to robot Giiro, which is on your desk. If you take a wrong attitude, Giiro lets you notice with different facial expressions. If you have a bad posture, Giiro’s eye will change to an ‘X’. You can not put one leg behind your other one either, because then Giiro will look at you with an oblique eye. You can count on it to stand upright as soon as possible. He also moves with you. If you lean forward, Giiro will join you, and he will give you feedback: ‘Your body is leaning forward’. In total, Giiro has nine expressions.

The robot is available in yellow and black and white. There is also a Giiro app that keeps track of your posture and provides feedback. Giiro can also be connected to other devices and he can play music because he is connected to Alexa and Bluetooth.


Giiro robot is a crowdfunding project. They need $ 20,000 for August. The product is expected to be released in December and the other models will be released in March.