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This real Kight Rider KITT will be auctioned shortly

We often talk about auctions of classic or difficult to find cars, but usually these are the kind of auctions you have to be invited to or where the starting price is so high that the chance that you could ever pay very low. That is slightly different with this auction. Whether it is the waning popularity of The Hoff we do not know, but this original ‘Super Pursuit Mode’ KITT from Knight Rider is on September 19 under the hammer and the starting bid is a best $ 35,000!

Knight Rider is of course a piece of youth sentiment and there is a chance that someone with very deep pockets wants this thing, because it is the real thing. KITT # 3 is in fact the reserve KITT that was made for the TV series, but was never used in the end because the first two were not crashed or otherwise failed. Then at least, because according to the auction text the other two no longer exist.

Driving, not transforming

The story behind this Super Pursuit Mode is fun anyway: there were two other versions of the car, but only one was really driving. Because the special effects were not so far advanced in the early 80s, the car that transformed from ‘normal’ KITT to the Super Pursuit Mode was so full of mechanics to make the transformation that there was no room left for things like the engine. or an interior. Car number two looked the same as this one: it had all ‘upgrades’ folded out, but they could not go back in. That means you are sure that you are not allowed on the public road with this car, because all those excellent parts are not super safe.

It is a fantastic show model of course, especially because the interior of the car is completely authentic to the show. Of course you will have to invest in some electronics to get the real fake effect that was shown in the show, but that is also worth it. The moving light on the front is indeed there, you do not have to do anything. If you’re interested you can offer, but keep in mind that you have to pick him up at Volo Cars in Illinois …

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