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This is what we know so far

There has been a shooting at the headquarters of YouTube in San Bruno, California. The local police have indicated that several wounded (so far four confirmed) cases have fallen, one of which is in critical condition.

The shooting started around lunch, American time, and was first experienced by some employees as an earthquake. When it was clear that there was a shot, the panic had struck and people had left the building or were hiding.
Employees of the company can be seen in images while they come up with the hands up the building. Since there are hundreds of people working at the YouTube office, the evacuation took a long time, especially as many people were still entrenching in confined spaces long after the situation was ‘active’.
YouTube recently changed a number of rules about showing and promoting guns on the video channel. We now assume that this has nothing to do with the shooting.

Female archer

The shooting seems remarkably enough to have been performed by a woman who has since died. According to reports, she has put her hand to herself, but whether she has been stymied by the police or committed suicide before is not clear. What the motive of the female suspect would have been at this moment does not know anyone.

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