This is Apple’s new AirPods lineup (including the prices)

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Apple announced the new AirPods 3 yesterday. The previous generation also remains in the range, and that means a few things for the AirPods price. We list all Apple AirPods for you, including the price.

AirPods 3 price

The new AirPods 3 seem like an amalgamation of the AirPods 2 and the more advanced AirPods Pro. They have a Pro-esque design with shorter stems, support spatial audio and have a much longer battery life. Charging is now also possible with Magsafe. But you should miss a real Pro function such as active noise cancellation. The price? €199. How does that compare to the other AirPods?

AirPods price: the complete overview

These are the AirPods that Apple currently has for sale including the prices:

  • AirPods 2: €149 (previously €179)
  • AirPods 3: €199
  • AirPods Pro: €279
  • AirPods Max: €629

You may be thinking now: the AirPods 2 were previously € 179, the new generation is more expensive. But please note: this concerns the version that did not have a wireless rechargeable case.

The AirPods 2 with wireless charging case of € 229 has disappeared from the range. The AirPods 3 are actually the replacement for this, and therefore in fact slightly cheaper. They already have a rechargeable case with MagSafe support as standard.

Striking detail: the AirPods Pro always had a wirelessly rechargeable case as standard. As of now, that case also supports MagSafe, something Apple didn’t say anything about during last night’s keynote.

Buy AirPods 3?

The AirPods 3 went on presale at Apple yesterday after the keynote. Are you ordering them now? Then they will be delivered to your home on Tuesday 26 October. From that moment on, they are also available at stores such as Coolblue.

AirPods 2 deals

Do you just want to buy the old AirPods 2? They are even cheaper outside of Apple. The price comparison below is constantly updated with the best deals of the moment.

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