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This drone parasol would be brilliant without the noise

It is a great idea basically and typically something that you would see in some science-fiction films: a drone umbrella (or in this case parasol) that you automatically follow and the rain (or in this case the sun) automatically blocks. Brilliant. Donate Now. There is only one problem: the noise is deafening. If you’ve seen the video on your phone without sound, it looks pretty good (albeit a bit wobbly), but as soon as your audio goes on it’s like a mosquito orgy is going on in your ear.

That can not be done, and there is the biggest problem that all drones still have with the current technology: they make too much noise. As long as that is not fixed, all the images of drones flying behind people will always remain a science fiction at eye (and especially ear) height.

The idea is good: the Free Parasol detects your head and once turned on, the drone can protect your head against the sun for up to an hour. The target audience is apparently golfers, but I assume that at the moment it is a bit smaller and has become specifically ‘deaf golfers‘, because those are the only people who endure this thing for more than a few minutes without ‘out’. to shoot ‘with their heaviest iron.

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