Xbox One gets Alexa and Google Home support

“Alexa, shoot that guy in the head.” It is probably not a possibility that we are going to get, but according to various sources, Microsoft is working alongside the (limited) support for their own Cortana also Alexa and Google Home to support with the Xbox One to see updates in the dashboard of the console where Windows Central managed to get a screenshot.

The game console initially had an excellent support for voice commands with the Kinect but that piece of hardware was not appreciated and was also hardly used by gamers, so it quickly became out of the package. demolished. The functionality was (for those who were not ashamed to use it) handy and with the support for other smart assistants, you get that functionality again (back).

E3 announcement?

Officially nothing has been said yet, but there is a big chance that Microsoft’s E3 presentation, which is held on June 10, will take up these new possibilities. Then we might also know how far integration goes. Perhaps it is only switching on or off, going to certain menus, or going as far as the original Kinect control and you can do almost anything except playing with your voice. We probably know about a week.


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