Third-generation Threadripper processors are no longer on AMD roadmap for 2019

At the presentation of its quarterly figures, AMD has shown a roadmap showing which products will be released this year. The third-generation Threadripper processors are no longer listed here; in March this was still the case. AMD did not explain the removal.

On the AMD Client Roadmap State that the third-generation Ryzen processors will be released in the middle of this year. New Threadripper processors are no longer listed. The second-generation Epyc processors are still on the roadmap for the third quarter of this year. AMD probably also bases its new Threadrippers on the same chips as the Epyc processors. The manufacturer may choose to deploy all chips for the server processors first.

AMD has not made any statements about the third-generation Threadripper processors. That those CPUs for the high-end desktop platform would be released this year was stated in a presentation for investors that AMD published in March. At that time it was not yet known when the processors would appear, but it was about a release this year. AMD may postpone the third-generation Threadrippers to next year.

In the roadmap, AMD also paints a rough picture of the coming processor generations. The company says it is on track with Zen 3. That is an improvement of the Zen 2 architecture, which will be made on a 7nm + process. This is followed by Zen 4. This architecture is under development and it is not yet known on which process it will be made.

The roadmap also confirms that Navi GPUs will be released in the third quarter of this year. AMD emphasizes that these are suitable for cloud gaming. Google has previously indicated that it will use AMD GPUs for its cloud gaming service Stadia. The GPU roadmap also includes a successor to Navi, which has no name yet and should appear sometime in 2020 on a 7nm + process.