These iPhone features are finally coming to your iPad!

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Next month we expect iPadOS 15. That means a big update for your iPad, with all kinds of new features. Although: new? Some features may sound familiar to you. In iPadOS 15 you will also find functions that are currently reserved for the iPhone. These iPhone features finally make their debut on the iPad!

Home screen widgets

Last year with iOS 14, the iPhone gave you the option to put all kinds of handy widgets criss-cross on your home screens. These newly designed widgets were already making their way to the iPad back then, but with one major limitation: you could only place widgets in the Today view (the sidebar). With iPadOS 15 you will soon get just as much freedom on the iPad with regard to placing the widgets. From that moment on, you can also place them nicely between the apps on your home screen. We think they come into their own on the large screen of the iPad!

App library

Last year the iPhone got an app library. Here, all your apps are automatically sorted into useful categories, such as Games, Entertainment and Services. It’s the fastest way to find all your apps, and we were puzzled as to why the app library was missing from the iPad. But it will come this fall!

Just like on the iPhone, you can find the app library by swiping as far to the right as you can across all your home screens. But the app library on the iPad is also accessible from the dock at the bottom of the screen. To which we ask ourselves again: why is this option not available on the iPhone?!

Hide pages

Because the app library is so handy, you may not want pages full of app icons anymore. That’s why on the iPhone you have the option to hide home screens. Because the app library will soon also be available on the iPad, you will also have the option to hide home screens here.

Translate on iPad

Last year a completely new app appeared on the iPhone: Translate. This app is now also coming to the iPad. It has all the features you already know from the iPhone, plus some extras. For example, you can translate texts that are handwritten with the Apple Pencil and it is possible to translate in the Split View view.

Energy Saving Mode

The iPhone has had a power saving mode for quite some time now. With an iPhone, it is of course also important that you get through the day without having to charge it in between. Still, people wondered why the iPad didn’t have a similar mode. As of iPadOS 15, you can also activate power saving mode on your iPad. You can do this, for example, via ‘Settings>Battery>Energy saving mode’. In this menu you will now also find useful information about battery usage and what the biggest energy guzzlers are.

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