These are the must-see Apple videos of 2019

We are ringing in the new year and that is traditionally the time to look back. In this list we do that by means of the five most viewed videos from Apple on YouTube in 2019. All in all, they summarize the Apple year nicely. You’ll see a number of successful new products that Apple has released in the past year, as well as more socially engaged themes that the tech giant is committed to. Each of these videos has been viewed tens of millions of times on Apple’s YouTube channel. Have you seen them yet?

5. Introducing Apple Watch Series 5

This fall, Apple introduced the new Apple Watch Series 5. The clock has an always-on screen for the first time and will also help you stay fit in this new year. The video has been viewed 27 million times.

4. Privacy on iPhone – private side

In this video, Apple shows moments when we are clearly committed to our privacy. If you value privacy in everyday life, then it should matter on your iPhone too. The video has been viewed 29 million times.

3.Introducing iPhone 11 Pro

In September, Apple introduced this year’s flagship: the iPhone 11 Pro (Max). Available in two sizes, equipped with a triple camera, a great battery and in a spectacular new color. The video has been viewed 32.6 million times.

2.Introducing iPhone 11

The iPhone 11 Pro may be Apple’s top device; the iPhone 11 is the public’s favorite and also the iPhone of the year in our opinion. The intro video has also been viewed slightly better than that of the iPhone 11 Pro: 32.8 million times.

1. Shot on iPhone XS: Don’t mess with mother

This video is an accumulation of beautiful shots of mother earth. Made with the iPhone XS, which was released in 2018. The video has been viewed 38 million times and is therefore in a deserved first place in this list!

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