Wolrd’s First Foldable & Stretchable Smartphone

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A company called “Innosaem” recently approached us to present its concept smartphone in early development. The phone that you can view in an animated image and video below, folds and extends as you can see and Innosaem claims that it can become real in the future, which is a very bold statement.
This company is based in Korea and is already patented in Korea for the technology needed to bring this smartphone to life. Such a product would certainly push a foldable smartphone a step forward, because not only could you use a noticeably larger screen as the phone unfolds, but that screen would become even larger if you stretch the phone out of the unfolded state.
Innosaem claims that the foldable, stretchable mechanism dramatically increases screen size and the company has released some information about it. When the device is folded, it offers a 5-inch screen. When you unfold that phone, you finally have a 6.5-inch display, but when you stretch it, that screen changes to an 8.9-inch screen.
If the company has really managed to distribute this and put this product on the market, it will be quite interesting. Having something the size of a 5-inch phone in the pocket and being able to enlarge that screen to 8.9 inches would be very attractive for many people, as long as the phone doesn’t get too thick when it is folded.
In the video below, Innosaem mentions a number of different applications for this smartphone, and they are not wrong. However, the question is whether the company will ever be able to push this phone to the market, or whether it will go too high. It would certainly be interesting to see such a device on the market, it would definitely contribute to the evolution of foldable smartphones.
However, foldable phones have not started well. Samsung had some display problems with the first Galaxy Fold review units and had to go back to the drawing board to find out what was wrong with it. That resulted in postponing the release date for the device, which is not expected to arrive in June, although nothing has been confirmed yet.
Huawei is expected to sell its Mate X foldable handset in June, and in addition to the FlexPai from Royole that is already available, these are the only two foldable smartphones that are expected to come on the market in the near future.
Motorola is also expected to announce its folding Razr handset in the near future, which is probably the most anticipated folding device at the moment. Based on leaks and the company’s patent, the device is reminiscent of the original Motorola Razr mobile phone, and that has fascinated quite a few people. If Innosaem succeeds in marketing its foldable and stretchable phone, that would increase competition in the foldable smartphone department, but the phone is currently in its infancy, so it is unlikely to start soon.

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