The Tor Project brings alpha version of self-developed browser for Android

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The Tor Project has released its first official browser for Android. This is an alpha version, for which an additional app called Orbot is now required to connect to the Tor network. In the future it will be unnecessary.

The Tor Browser for Android can now be found in the Google Play Store, where Orbot can be found. Orbot makes it possible with a proxy for other Android apps to let their communication run via the Tor network.
There was already an unofficial Tor browser for Android called Orfox . This was not developed by The Tor Project, but was approved by the team and even uploaded on their name to the Play Store. This also only works with Orbot. In the description there is now announced that Orfox will be phased out in the spring of 2019, when the stable version of the Tor Browser for Android should appear.
The release of the Android version more or less at the same time as the release of version 8.0 of the Tor Browser for desktops, based on the Firefox Quantum update. Version 8.0 makes it easier to request a bridge a relay that is not in the Tor directory, to use the network in areas where Tor is blocked.

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