The Pokémon Company sues Chinese game companies over Pokémon clone

The Pokémon Company has sued six Chinese gaming companies for alleged intellectual property violations. According to the company, the game figures from the Chinese game Pocket Monster Reissue are too similar to those from the Pokémon franchise.

The Pokémon Company wants the six Chinese companies behind the Pocket Monster Reissue game to stop developing, exploiting, distributing and promoting the game. The Japanese company, which manages the worldwide licenses for the Pokémon franchise, claims according to The South China Morning Post that it has suffered 500 million yuan, converted approximately 72 million euros, in damage due to the game.

The Pokémon Company is demanding that the six companies apologize to The Pokémon Company on the popular Chinese social media and major app platforms from the country. The Pocket Monster Reissue game has been on the Chinese market since 2015.

Pocket Monster Reissue