The Parasole is sock and shoe in one and very good for your feet

Many people would love it if they did not have to wear shoes anymore. Some go one step further and prefer to go barefoot everywhere, but the Nakefit has already been invented. If you want to go further than on the beach and still want to have your feet protected, but without the tight misery of shoes there is the Parasole .

That is a kind of combination of sock and shoe. It is like a sock around your foot, but gives the necessary support to your feet and lets them breathe. You can even wear them with shoes, because then they will massage your feet while you walk and you will experience less problems.


The Parasole was originally intended as a compression sock that could do the work of an athletic sock. The sock is made of a material that removes perspiration and breathes on all sides, so that your feet never get sweaty or go stinking. In addition, there is a 3D-printed sole underneath, so you can also just walk outside or on the sports field without slipping away.

The Parasole is a very good alternative for insoles that put many people in their shoes. That does not have to be done with these things anymore, with the added benefit that you can keep wearing them at home or wherever you feel comfortable without having the idea that you can not go outside or slip on a slippery surface. According to the makers, they are also ideal for after exercise, because then it turns out that you need compression on your feet so that they can heal. But even in an airplane or on hot days they are fantastic, because you do not sweat out of your shoes anymore, you can just go anywhere and (if you do not choose a supersport color) they look very nice too!

The Parasole was originally a Kickstarter project but that has already ended and now they went to IndieGogo in the second phase where you can buy them for $ 35 per pair. to order. That is not cheap of course, but if you see what insoles already cost, the damage is not too bad. Then, of course, it still has to be shown whether things also do what is promised when they are supposed to be delivered in October.

It remains a risk (because crowdfunding) but in principle these things look very cool for people who like to walk on their socks. In any case, I’m going to risk the bet. Then we will see at the end of the year whether it has worked out well.