The Municipality of Amsterdam demands that the parking app Parking alarm stops

The municipality of Amsterdam wants the Parking Alarm app to stop. The app would go against the rules of the Amsterdam parking policy. The metropolitan municipality wants to bring summary proceedings if the makers do not stop.

The Parking Alarm app uses images from other users’ dash cams to discover scan cars. Amsterdam uses such cars to enforce its parking policy. If a scan car is discovered, Parking Alarm sends a push notification to the user, who can then pay for parking. There is a period of five minutes between scanning and issuing a fine in which the user can do this. The service is still active as a crowdfunding project where users have to buy a dashcam from Parking Alarm themselves.

The municipality of Amsterdam believes that the app encourages the avoidance of parking costs. That is why the municipality has ordered the start-up to pull the plug, writes Het Parool , among others . If the Parking Alarm Clock does not stop within a week, the municipality will file a lawsuit. “As far as the municipality of Amsterdam is concerned, parking alarm facilitates users to deliberately avoid parking costs as much as possible,” a spokesman told the newspaper.

Parking alarm says not to want to stop. The company says it “solves a problem,” which is frustration about “unnecessary fines.” The start-up has hired a lawyer. In addition to Amsterdam, parking alarm is also active in other cities that use license plate scan cars.