the most stylish e-bike at the moment

E-bikes can no longer be ignored from the streets. Not only for recreational use they are frequently used, but also business commuting traffic increasingly sees the advantages of these fast bikes. They are now available in all shapes and sizes that you can think of: from cool and sporty to stylish and classic. The most stylish e-bike at the moment is one from the stable Stella Fietsen : their flagship is the Vicenza Superior Nero Steps which is not only powerful, but also quality and offers comfort and looks more than pretty. Certainly for commuters this is a very good choice.

The advantages of the Vicenza Superior Nero Steps

One of the things that everyone who buys a (new) e-bike is paying attention to is the engine. The Vicenza Superior Nero Steps from Stella Fietsen has a so-called mid-engine, which is the most popular variant. A mid-engine has the advantage that it is more stable on the road and therefore offers a natural driving experience. The mid-engine that drives this e-bike is the Shimano Steps and that is one of the lightest drive units available on the market at the moment.
When you cycle longer distances, for example via a bicycle highway from home to work, an e-bike with a mid-engine is the best choice. And when you also place high demands on the appearance of your bike, then you are all right with the Vicenza Superior Nero Steps.
Whereas years ago you recognized an e-bike from a distance to the robust and full design, that is only possible when you are close by. Of course you can see the battery, but otherwise this bike has a remarkably slim design. The Vicenza Superior Nero Steps is only available in black, hence the name. There is a choice between a women’s and a men’s model. The most important advantages at a glance:

  • equipped with a powerful mid-engine
  • stylish design
  • powerful 11,6Ah battery for large radius
  • 8 gears (automatic and manual)
  • 26.9 kg including battery – 24.2 kg excluding battery

Comfort and design

Everything about this bike has been made to increase bike comfort. The leather handles are not only stylish, but are also comfortable to hold. Switching is easy on the steering wheel, where you have the choice to switch automatically or manually. A full battery goes 100 kilometers along, more than enough for long bike rides. With this e-bike you will also not have to drive a flat tire, because the wheels are equipped with special Vredestein anti-puncture tires. Although the bicycle including battery seems pretty heavy (26.9 kg), there is hardly any sign of it during cycling.
When you step through the moment, the benefits of the mid-engine immediately come forward. The Vicenza Superior Nero Steps cycle smoothly, lightly and switches smoothly. And that is exactly the reason for purchasing an e-bike: to be able to cycle longer distances in a relaxed and comfortable manner. In this respect, this bike is a very good choice.
But the design is also striking, especially when you see this e-bike next to other models. It is a slim bike, without fuss, which, for example, will not be out of place in a business environment. This is due to the color and the design: it is tight, with a sporty accent here and there. And that is exactly why the Vicenza Superior Nero Steps is so popular among commuters!