The game ‘The Sims’ adds period of pregnancy to the game

The Sims has been a huge success since the year 2000. A digital playhouse where people can let their imagination run free. The game is not complicated, even for non-gamers it is easy to understand. This is probably also one of the reasons why The Sims is still popular worldwide.

Pregnancy in The Sims

Yet something was missing according to the users. The mobile version, Sims FreePlay, has responded to this. Characters in The Sims can now become pregnant and this pregnancy, with everything that comes with it, is also imitated in the game. A baby in The Sims is not new, because this could also be the case if the user married the Sims partner. Then after a while a baby suddenly appeared in the screen and that was it.

Users wanted for a long time that the pregnancy itself can be followed in the game. At first the studio did not care about that. This is a big task, in which the game has to be converted. Yet the users did not give up and they kept asking for it. The developers have improved over the years and have developed a lot. This year they think they are ready to take on the challenge. In addition, the developers also got children, which made them live more with them.

Modern pregnancy

With the new feature in Sims Freeplay, marrying is separate from the pregnancy. There has also been thought about cultural differences and the current time. Singles and female couples can also have a baby in Sims Freeplay. If requested by users, subsequent couples may also receive a pair of male babies in the game.

The pregnancy in the game lasts nine days. All kinds of activities during pregnancy are possible, such as yoga classes, doctor appointments, babyshowers and exercise with the bottle. Even disclosing to the environment is not lacking in the game.

And what about the lesser aspects of a pregnancy in the game? According to the makers, this goes no further than morning sickness. Matters such as miscarriage or abortion do not come back. According to the makers, users did not find this important in the game. Listening to feedback from users is important for the creators. Based on this, they continuously adjust the game.