The dark days get cozier with an OLED TV

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If you look outside, it is gray, gray, dark and often rainy. Of course we hope for a white Christmas, but then it is still the best to sit inside. There is plenty to do inside. Watch bad Christmas movies on Netflix, The Mandalorian on Disney + or Love Island marathons on Videoland. They are all productions that really come into their own on a good television. The best choice is OLED, because this image quality offers you the most intense color experience.

If you’re looking for OLED television, check out the HZW984 from Panasonic. A 1,799 euro television that allows you to enjoy entertainment with the whole family this fall days and the upcoming winter, plus many winters afterwards. Especially now that there are two new game consoles that have enormous power to show the most beautiful pomp and circumstance, it would be a shame if you did not provide them with a television that can display that as well as possible.

Panasonic HZW984

HZW984 may not be a sexy name, but it is a very nice OLED. It has everything you would expect from a modern television: HDR10 +, Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos. We are especially fans of the latter, because this offers a great sound experience that makes you feel like you are in the cinema. But then with your own snacks, on your own couch, with everyone snuggling up against you and without having to buy tickets. You sit ringside in your own living room.

What makes this television so special is its slim design. Although the image is large, the television does not feel it. It is not an obstacle, it is only 350mm thick. There are many connections, so that you can connect all your game consoles and other extras such as a Blu-ray player. You don’t necessarily have to, because this smart TV also offers the option to download apps. Panasonic HZW984 works with its own operating system with which you can watch Disney +, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, among other things, if you have subscriptions to this.

Netflix Recommended Television

There is even a special Netflix predicate on this television called Netflix Recommended Television, which means that the television has been extensively tested for how well it works with Netflix. Panasonic HZW984 is excellent with Netflix, so you can optimally experience the worst Christmas movies, solid series like The Crown and delicious action movies such as Bloodshot.

Especially now that we have to stay at home more due to the corona virus, it is worthwhile to see whether investing in a new television is an option. It will take a long time before there is a lot of 8K content and televisions get major innovations at all. Now is a good time for an OLED television and – let’s be honest – a nice Christmas present for yourself, your game consoles and your family.

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