Teslas will soon be able to stream YouTube and Netflix while stationary

Tesla car owners will ‘soon’ be able to stream videos from YouTube or Netflix. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, does not yet give an exact release date. Musk also wants to enable video streaming during autonomous driving.

Streaming from YouTube or Netflix is ​​only possible for the time being when the car is stationary, emphasizes Musk on Twitter.
The Tesla CEO however also says that his company plans to enable video playback while driving once regulators give the go-ahead for fully self-driving driving. Currently, the screens in Tesla cars are set so that video playback is only possible for displaying images from the rear view camera.

It seems that the streaming functionality is only possible via a WiFi connection. Musk said in April that video only possible via WiFi and that all Tesla Supercharger locations will gradually get free WiFi. According to him, it would be too expensive if streaming via the mobile connection of Tesla cars were to take place.

The Model S and X have a 17″ screen in the center of the dashboard and the Model 3 has a 15″ copy. The screen of the Model 3, unlike that of the Model X and S, has a horizontal orientation and is therefore in principle more suitable for watching videos.