Tesla releases software update to comply with European regulations

Tesla has released a software update that improves the Model S and Model X compliance with European regulations. The update focuses specifically on how the autopilot works.

With software update 2019.16.1, Tesla aims to comply with the UN/ECE R79 regulation of the European Union. Those rules determine how driver assistance systems in cars should work. Tesla cars were already approved to meet that directive, but the company now has to make an adjustment.

The update will adjust the Autopilot. It mainly concerns Autosteer, specifically about how far the steering wheel can turn. According to Tesla, this could lead to more difficulty in making sharp turns for the cars. Another change is that the turn signal must now be used before Auto Lane Change can be activated.

The update will be sent over-the-air like other updates. The new software only applies to the Model S and Model X. According to Tesla, the Model 3 has been compliant with European regulations since its introduction.