Tesla is working on human-like robot Bot that can take over household tasks

Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk has presented Bot, a humanoid robot that should eventually be able to take over household tasks. The robot shares a lot of hardware and software with Tesla’s cars. The company aims to have a first prototype ready next year.

The Tesla Bot will be a humanoid robot that will grow to a length of approximately 173cm and weigh approximately 57 kilograms. The robot has two arms with a hand with five fingers on each arm, and two legs. The Bot also has a head with a screen incorporated into it that can display information. Also in this head are eight cameras for the Autopilot system that allow the robot to navigate.

Musk wants people to be able to run away from the robot and “probably overpower” him. To promote running away, the robot must have a maximum speed of eight kilometers per hour. Furthermore, the robot must be able to carry 20 kg, deadlift 68 kg and carry 5 kg with outstretched arms.

Initially, the Bot must be able to take over household and ‘dangerous, boring or repetitive’ tasks. For example, Musk wants people to be able to tell the Bot to pick up a bolt and attach it to something. People must also be able to give the Bot a shopping list, so that the robot can do the shopping independently.

Musk has not shared any details about pricing or availability. The project is still in an early stage of development. He does say that he wants to have a prototype finished sometime next year.