Tesla is making Steam available in updated Model S and X cars

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Tesla has made Steam available in updated Model S and X vehicles. It became clear earlier this year that playing games via Steam would eventually become available in vehicles from the American car manufacturer.

Tesla has published a short video that mainly shows images of Cyberpunk 2077. A Steam Beta game library is also briefly shown and a message is shown that wireless controllers such as those of the PlayStation 5 can be used. The images are displayed on the large screen of the infotainment system. According to Tesla, thousands of games are now playable.

On Twitter reports the company says the Steam integration is only available in newer versions of the Model S and X. It’s probably not so much the Plaid versions, but the refreshed versions of these two cars that have been produced over the past two years. Those versions have more powerful hardware than their predecessors on board, in the form of an AMD Ryzen APU and RDNA 2 GPU.

Earlier there was some commotion in the United States about the game function in Tesla cars when it turned out that occupants could play games via the infotainment system while driving. Under pressure from the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Tesla then decided to disable this Passenger Play function. That means that playing games via Steam will probably only be possible when the car is stationary.

Tesla has also released an update that makes Apple Music available. In addition, the manufacturer has improved the Dog Mode, so that users can view live images of the interior via the app. Furthermore, via the update there is now a function that allows the headlights to provide a ‘light show’ in which they follow the rhythm of the music played.

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