Telltale Games closes the doors and dismisses the majority of staff

Telltale Games has announced that it will close, a decision that was followed by the dismissal of the vast majority of the staff. There are still 25 people working at Telltale to meet certain obligations for the time being.

The company has released a statement in which it explains that the game studio is closed after a year full of problems that it ultimately could not have to resolve. This also means that about 250 people will be laid off immediately, about 90 percent of the total workforce. Only 25 people remain at Telltale Games to meet obligations towards partners and the board. These obligations are not clear from the information released.

Now that Telltale has decided to close the studio, the games that the company was working on do not seem to come any longer. In the coming weeks, more is known about the decision, but sources have already indicated to US Gamer that the last season of The Walking Dead will be canceled.

In addition, was worked on The Wolf Among Us 2 and Stranger Things, and it is plausible that these games will also be canceled. According to US Gamer sources, Minecraft Story Mode is still being worked on, something that the company is developing for Netflix.

Last year there was also a major dismissal round in which a quarter of the staff were laid off. According to Telltale, it was then necessary to remain competitive. Eventually this does not seem to have helped.