Telenet takes free web space from 60,000 customers offline this week

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Telenet will stop offering free web space to customers with an internet subscription on 1 September. 60,000 customers would lose their web space as a result, but according to Telenet they have not been used for a long time.

Telenet will stop as of next Thursday, writes news agency Belga. It concerns the free web space that customers with a Telenet subscription receive. The variant that customers pay for will also go offline. For that, the payments would automatically stop. The web spaces are taken offline and content is removed. It is not clear how customers can transfer it to an alternative service. Telenet could not be reached for comment on Tuesday.

According to Telenet, the web spaces were primarily intended for users to easily exchange files with each other. Real hosting, such as managing your own website, was not the intention. Telenet says that there are ‘numerous new, safer and more advanced options for managing web space’. The company does not mention hosting providers as an example, but WhatsApp, SharePoint, Dropbox and WeTransfer. In total there would be 60,000 web spaces. Many of these have not been active for a long time, according to Telenet.

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