Streaming app Facebook Gaming for iOS and Android will go offline in October 2022

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The streaming app Facebook Gaming for iOS and Android will no longer be available from October 28, 2022. The app is used to watch live streams via Facebook Gaming. After October 28, the live streams can still be viewed via the Facebook app and desktop version.

It is not clear why Meta will stop supporting the app. The company does report a statement to Facebook Gaming streamers that users can still follow live streams through the Facebook app and the desktop version. “We’d like to say a big thank you to all of you for all you’ve done since the launch of this app. This was a community-led step to bring new gaming features to Facebook,” the statement read.

The Facebook Gaming app was released in 2020. With this, Meta wanted to compete with Twitch and YouTube Gaming. “Investing in gaming has become a priority for us, as we see gaming as a form of entertainment that connects people,” then-Fidji Simo Facebook app head said. The New York Times. She also pointed to the large-scale increase in the number of gaming people during the first lockdown period in 2020.

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